Louis Taylor

Partner, Director of Finance & Administration

“It’s incredibly fulfilling to see the kind of beautiful, detailed work our team creates. That moment when you see a home completed — there’s nothing like it.”

Director of Finance and Administration and firm partner Louis Taylor graduated from the University of Delaware with dual degrees in Business Administration Management, and Finance and received his Master’s of Business Administration from the Rutgers University Business School. Before joining G. P. Schafer Architect in 2010, he worked at a major public accounting firm. It was GPSA’s artistic environment that first drew him to the firm. “Architects and design-focused people are truly passionate about their work, making our office an inspiring place to be on a daily basis.” He was named a partner of the firm in January 2017 and was instrumental in the reorganization of G. P. Schafer Architect to become Schafer Buccellato Architects in 2023.

Involved in nearly every aspect of the business, Lou oversees the company’s finances and handles general planning and strategy, contracts, human resources, and facilities management. He lives in New Jersey with his family, where he coaches youth sports teams and enjoys golfing on weekends.