Julian Murphy


“I love the process of creative problem-solving—of striving to provide thoughtful solutions to the unique challenges that each project presents. Seeing a house completed and feeling like it’s the inevitable result of the client’s aspirations and the demands of the site is infinitely gratifying.”

Although Associate Julian Murphy was always interested in architecture, it was during his undergraduate studies at the University of Notre Dame, where he received his Bachelor of Architecture degree in 2013, that he developed a specific passion for classical and traditional architecture. Following graduation, Julian moved to Washington, D.C. to start his career with David M. Schwarz Architects. He worked on numerous award-winning institutional, multi-family, and urban planning projects, including the new residential colleges at Vanderbilt University, which introduced a new mode of more intimate student living, based on the Oxbridge model, to the campus. He also spent a year working with a notable residential architecture firm in Connecticut. 

It was during his work on the residential buildings at Vanderbilt that Julian developed an increasing interest in how people live and began to focus his career on custom residential architecture. He returned to Notre Dame’s Master’s program and was honored with the School’s Leon Battista Alberti Award before earning his Master of Architectural Design and Urbanism in 2020. 

After graduation, he immediately took on a leadership role at Buccellato Design, the architectural firm founded by Schafer Buccellato Architects partners Aimee and Kevin Buccellato, where he oversaw many of the firm’s residential projects, ranging from city residences to country estates to a rural building complex. As an Associate at Schafer Bucccellato, he is a crucial part of project design and firm leadership and runs the Midwest office. Julian has had multiple works published in The Classicist and other industry publications over the years.

He lives with his wife and children in South Bend, Indiana.