We undertook the complete renovation of this 15,000 square-foot Charles Platt-designed residence outside Nashville, Tennessee. The original house, completed in 1914, had been substantially altered in the 1950’s both on its interior and exterior.

Working in close collaboration with landscape architect Gavin Duke to restore the garden and with decorator David Netto, our design allows the project to regain the classical elegance and understated formality of the original house while at the same time have the freshness and originality of Mr. Netto’s modern traditionalism.

The house has been completely reworked in order to restore the substance of Platt’s original interior, reintroduce the original French doors out into the garden, reconfigure the 50’s entry portico in a manner more suited to Platt’s architecture, and, most importantly, adapt the house to the lifestyle of a young family in the 21st century.

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