WE ARE DELIGHTED TO announce that Gil’s new book, Home At Last: Enduring Design for the New American House, will be published by Rizzoli in March of 2024. Together, with his previous best sellers The Great American House and A Place to Call Home, the books create a three-part series on the design of the American home.

In Home At Last, Gil reflects on how experience and the passage of time have deepened his discernment as an architect and designer and broadened his understanding of the many ways that our projects must be able to evolve with the lives of our clients. A house, he writes, is never meant to be about its architect, but rather about those whose lives and days will unfold within its walls. Readers can follow along as Gil opens the doors to eight of our residential projects across the country — from a stone country estate in the mist-covered Hudson Valley, to a family compound perched on a bluff above Lake Champlain in Vermont, to a new residence on the windswept shores of Block Island, and even to a historic boat house on the coast of Maine uniquely reimagined for living and entertaining. While each of these new residences is imbued with history and tradition that have always been hallmarks of our work, they also reflect an evolution in Gil’s own design sensibility and his increased appreciation for the richness — and messiness — of modern life, celebrating the ways in which it can take both houses, and the people who live in them, in unexpected and wonderful directions.

We look forward to sharing more details about Home At Last, including event information, coming soon.